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Friday, January 19, 2018

January Quarter Party

Our Quarter Party was a big success.  We had some fun and interesting items brought in for the party.
Thank you to all who participated.  Several decisions were made during the meeting.  First we have a new Board.

President  Brenda
1st VP      Barbara M.
2nd VP     Joan
Treasurer  Sue
Secretary  Sandy

We thank Jacky for her hard work holding the club together the past few years.  We hope she recovers from her hip surgery soon and gets back to the meetings.  Our next seminar will be held in September.  I spoke with Diane Bunker and she agreed to come during that time.  We passed around the photos of her projects and everyone selected the ones they were interested in.  I will send her the list and see what she can come up with.

Our next meeting paint in will be taught by me.  I haven't decided yet what I will teach but will update as we get closer.  Barbara is asking for members to volunteer to teach a class during the coming year.

As I said in my email to everyone, Lucy passed away last week.  She had been ill for months.  I know I will miss seeing Lucy at the meetings and for the shoulder rubs she was so willing to give.  I was approached by a former member of our club, Mary Riley's husband several months ago about picking up some items for our club.  Mary passed away last May.  She was a beautiful painter.  Sue and I spent two Saturdays in Crestview going through books and supplies and I think we have found a few
nice things for the club.  We haven't decided exactly how we will use them yet, actually I haven't removed them from my truck.  I will say it was overwhelming to walk into another painters studio and try to decide what we could use especially with her husband there.  I know his heart must have been hurting to see his wife's treasure leaving her studio....and it was COLD outside!!

I will update the blog later this month.  In the meantime...stay warm!!

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