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Art is knowing which ones to keep

Monday, September 3, 2018

Diane Bunker Seminar

Diane Bunker Seminar this weekend.  Everyone should have paid for the class already but If you have not paid for your class, do so now.  It is not fair to Sue to spend her prep time writing receipts. 

Diane Bunker Seminar
Beulah Community Senior Citizen Center
8-9 September 2018
9 am - 5 pm
7417 Woodside Road
Pensacola, Florida  32526
Brenda's cell  850-982-9524

Please bring the following for the classes:

10 and 12 shader
1/8" filbert rake ( I have these to sell)
10/0 and 2/0 script liner or your favorite liners
0 liner
2 and 4 filbert
4 round
favorite brush for dry brusing
black sharpie

Small needle to sew on beads
clothes pins or some kind of clamp to hold fabric while glue dries
Needle and round nose pliers

If anyone has jewelry supplies we will use a hammer and steep bench block
(not sure what they are called) to hammer on.  I will bring 2 of each with me.
Scissors for fabric and a pair for cardboard

A few hair dryers
Steam iron and ironing board or thick towel to lay on a table is ok
I will need a demo table and 2 tables to display stuff.

The above was requested by Diane. 

We will start at 9 am and will end around 5 pm.  Lunch the first day will be pot luck so don't forget
a dish.  We will decide what to order on Saturday for the Sunday lunch.  The club will provide coffee and drinks. 

This will be our last seminar as a club so let's have fun.

Call me if you have questions.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Christmas in July continues

Joan and Diane will be teaching a Christmas spider and a Candle ornament this month.  Please bring a needle nose plier along with your regular painting supplies.  We will be using a glue gun and the hair dryer also. 

I will have samples of Diane Bunkers work to show you at the meeting.  Remember to pay your fee of $85.00 to Sue this month.  The club will be picking up the $30 fee for supplies and packets.  She also has her book she will bring for those interested at a reduced cost of $5 each.  Our seminar will be held at the Beulah Community Center. 

See yall tomorrow.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Christmas in July ---and August

iLoveToCreate Blog: 20 Creative & Crafty Quotes to Share

Christmas in July -- can you believe it.  Time keeps marching on.  I will be teaching a couple of ornaments this weekend.  Not sure what since I am waiting til the last minute to do anything.  I have had company for the past week or so and hated to bring out my painting supplies with little ones running around.  If I get something painted up I will post it.  Just bring your regular painting supplies and I will provide the rest.  Don't forget to bring your lunch.

Last month we painted a snowman and used white pearl paint.  Everyones snowman came out so pretty.  It was a small class but we had fun.

Although we rarely celebrate it, this year will mark our 42nd birthday.  We started with a small group and grew to over 100 members.  Then we started shrinking.  From what I understand, it is not an unusual occurance in the SDP, many chapters are down to just a few members now.  It's sad that the interest in painting has dropped so drastically.  I hope we continue to meet even as a group of painting friends long after we are no longer a chapter.

Now I'm sad so I guess I will go paint, it always makes me feel better.


Friday, June 1, 2018

June paint In

The members had a great time painting Barbara's Gingerbread Man at the meeting.  If you weren't able to attend, we missed you.

We are still looking for members to teach projects (thank you Joan for volunteering).  Even though it isn't yet the middle of the year we are always happy to paint ornaments.  We also have our annual Christmas in the Summer coming up in July and August.  We will also be celebrating our 42nd year as a club this summer so we will be having a Birthday Party with lots of gifts and door prizes.  I know that we all have commitments during the summer with family and no one wants to miss those, but please spare some time to come paint and party with us.

We are going to send our deposit in this week to Diane Bunker for our seminar in September.  I will send a flyer to the ladies in Enterprise and hope that some will be able to attend.  The ladies are always looking for a place to stay for the weekend, if you are able to help, please let me kow.

Ladies we need to decide what to do with our bank funds soon.  Right now the future of the club is in the air.  I hate for decisions to be made without input from all of you.

For June, we will be painting a small project....not sure what it will be yet.  Hope to see you there.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

May Meeting and Paint In

First, thank you to all who came to our meeting in March.  Unfortunately, we were unable to have a meeting in April because we only had a couple of members attending.  Hopefully this will change in the future as we have some interesting things coming up.  We need to finalize our seminar with Diane Bunker on Saturday.  Sue will be sending her a deposit next week and we need to get a headcount on who might be attending.  She will provide you with everything you need for your projects (I will post a list of what you will be getting soon).  It will cost $30.00 per person.  The club will be paying this cost for Club Members.  I will bring a photo of the items she will teach - based on the sign up sheets we had available for members back in January.

This month Barbara is teaching a gingerbread man ornament.  She will bring in packets for everyone and if you have painted this particular gingerbread man, she will also have several other packets to choose from.  As I stated in the email you received, we need y'all to step up and volunteer to teach at a meeting.  Right now we only have a few people signed up and we are only in the fifth month of the year.

Don't forget we decided you no longer have to bring a covered dish to the meetings.  Feel free to bring your own lunch and if you have something to share with the group, that is good too.

See you Saturday.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Our meeting has been cancelled this month.  We only have 2-3 members who are able to attend.  We will try again next month.  Please keep Sandy's husband in your prayers, he is doing poorly.  I haven't heard from Jacky but I know she is still going through physical therapy.  Joan is not feeling good either, it seems a lot of our members are ill -- and the flu season has put a scare into everyone this year.

Next month I will teach a project or maybe two depending on the time we have.  One will be a domino necklace with daisies and a butterfly so be sure to pack a few small flat and round brushes.  I will provide everything else.

See you then

Friday, January 19, 2018

January Quarter Party

Our Quarter Party was a big success.  We had some fun and interesting items brought in for the party.
Thank you to all who participated.  Several decisions were made during the meeting.  First we have a new Board.

President  Brenda
1st VP      Barbara M.
2nd VP     Joan
Treasurer  Sue
Secretary  Sandy

We thank Jacky for her hard work holding the club together the past few years.  We hope she recovers from her hip surgery soon and gets back to the meetings.  Our next seminar will be held in September.  I spoke with Diane Bunker and she agreed to come during that time.  We passed around the photos of her projects and everyone selected the ones they were interested in.  I will send her the list and see what she can come up with.

Our next meeting paint in will be taught by me.  I haven't decided yet what I will teach but will update as we get closer.  Barbara is asking for members to volunteer to teach a class during the coming year.

As I said in my email to everyone, Lucy passed away last week.  She had been ill for months.  I know I will miss seeing Lucy at the meetings and for the shoulder rubs she was so willing to give.  I was approached by a former member of our club, Mary Riley's husband several months ago about picking up some items for our club.  Mary passed away last May.  She was a beautiful painter.  Sue and I spent two Saturdays in Crestview going through books and supplies and I think we have found a few
nice things for the club.  We haven't decided exactly how we will use them yet, actually I haven't removed them from my truck.  I will say it was overwhelming to walk into another painters studio and try to decide what we could use especially with her husband there.  I know his heart must have been hurting to see his wife's treasure leaving her studio....and it was COLD outside!!

I will update the blog later this month.  In the meantime...stay warm!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sea Oats Annual Christmas Party

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...can you believe it's that time of the year again.  We are having our Christmas party on Saturday.  We have a change in time from 10 am to 11 am.  This will allow the ladies from Alabama to get here and we won't eat lunch quite so early.  Please keep Jacky in your thoughts as she battles her way back from surgery.

Barbara has ordered a meat tray, rolls, and beverage.  Bring a small bowl of veggies or dessert.  We will have our ornament exchange and we will have our gift exchange.

Just in case you did not hear, Diane Bunker's seminar has been postponed until we can actually get together and decide what we want to do.  Our quarter party has been rescheduled for January's meeting at which time we need to discuss NEW board members.  Please consider one of the offices.  We will also be setting up our yearly paint in schedule.

Until Saturday,

Friday, October 6, 2017

Monthly meeting rescheduled

The meeting has been postponed once again due to a possible hurricane.  We will meet next Saturday, 14 October.  See you then

Monday, October 2, 2017

October Meeting and Paint In

It feels like it has been a very long time since we have had a meeting.  This month we will have a regular meeting and paint in.  At the November meeting we will have the Quarter Party.  I recently heard from Margaret and she is clearing out some of her wood items and this would be a great time to pick up those hard to find items at a really good cost.  Margaret will be bringing additional items to sell also.  I will post pictures at the bottom of the page.

I will be teaching a pink flamingo ornament this weekend.  I will supply the ceramic disc, paints, directions, etc.  You need to bring your brushes and Triple Thick if you have it.  The cost is a little more than I normally charge, $1.50 each.  I am attaching a photo of the ornament (the shine on the ornament looks like his neck is cut off) I did recently on a round ceramic ball I purchased from Hobby Lobby to give you an idea what we will be doing.  I felt the flat disc would be better so you could use a pattern.

I found this poem in my stash and thought you would enjoy reading it.  See you soon,

The Painter's Psalm

Painting is my hobby, I shall want no other.
It maketh me to lay down my mop and broom,
Walk by my dirty dishes to my studio room.
It restoreth my piece of mind
And leadeth me into strange places, subjects to find.
Yea, tho I am alone with brushes and paints,
I feel no loneliness.
The sight of colors and odor of oils, they comfort me.
I prepare a canvas on my easel and paint
While my dishpan runneth over...
Surely, I have a rainbow in the gravy at dinner,
And I will dwell in a state of confusion forever.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

meeting cancelled

No meeting this month.  Will see you in October.

Friday, June 30, 2017

July meeting and paint in

The meeting is July 1, as scheduled.  Barbara will be teaching.

Monday, May 29, 2017

May Paint In and Meeting

Hi, hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Festivities.  I am attaching the info you will need for this weeks painting class by Sandy.  We will be painting a star ornament, Madelon and the Christmas Rose by Sharon Shannon.  Please print out your picture so you will have a reference at the paint in.  You will need to bring your regular painting supplies plus the following:

Wet palette - if you don't have one we will help make one for you.
White or grey transfer paper

1/8 and 1/4" angle brushes
10/0 liner
2 and 4 filbert
Scharif mini series 429 cats tongue (a very small filbert which works well in small places)

Hair dryer
Small spray bottle

Cost:  $1.50 each

Sandy will furnish the pattern, the star ornament and the Magic Mix.  I know you will enjoy painting this sweet little girl.  If you would like to see more similar to this ornament, check out Sharon Shannon's website.

Here are some photos of the last seminars.

See you Saturday!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Painting Santa at the May Meeting

We will be painting a Santa light bulb at the May meeting.  I taught this about five years ago but you asked to do it again so we will.  You only need to bring your regular painting supplies.  A glue gun and hair dryer would be nice but I will have several on hand.  I will furnish the light bulb - donated by Margaret, Joan and several other members - I will also base coat it for convenience sake.  I don't normally use a pattern but I will have one for y'all.  I will demonstrate how I draw the face and how to varnish it with Triple Thick.  I will have a packet made for each of you, including the ribbon, the trim, instructions, and pattern.  I will send everyone a color photo by email for reference.  It would be nice if you printed out a copy.  I will also have several light bulbs already painted to pass around.  This is such an easy project - oh, we will also be painting a little rose on Santa's hat.  If you have an 1/8" angle or flat it will make the rose a lot easier.  This is going to be fun!  I have attached a few photos of the ones I have done in the past.  These are just to give you an idea of what you can paint.  The pattern for the face may be a bit different.  Don't panic and think you can't do this.  It is the basic floating of color mostly.  For those who want to know what size brush to bring, this is what I would suggest.

1/8 angle or flat brush
1/4- angle or flat brush
#4 filbert
#2 liner

You do not have to have these sizes but get as close to it as possible.  Tap on the photos to get a larger shot.

Last month Joan taught violets on canvas paper.  It turned out so pretty.  She was expecting a full class so she prepared packets for everyone but due to unforeseen circumstances we only had four attend.

I have asked her to bring the packets back to this months meeting as Sue and I would like a few extra and you will have the chance to purchase it also for the low price of only $1.00.  She also shared a grouping of eggs she had painted.  Aren't they pretty?

See y'all Saturday

Friday, March 3, 2017

March Paint In and Meeting

I can't believe it has been such a long time since I last posted.  I now have windows 10 and I have a difficult time working with it so I have not been able to post pictures yet.  I am working on it this weekend by using a very simple method.....I'm going to post using my old computer which has windows 7.

We all had a great time with Beth last month.  I think most of us finished our paintings and the projects really did turn out nice.  Thank you to the members who stayed and reset the room and cleaned up.  I know Jacky appreciated it.  Even Beth jumped in and helped move tables and chairs.

This month we are having a small painting class along with the meeting.  Sandy Aubuchon will be teaching in May and you all should have received a copy of the projects by now.

If you haven't paid your club dues of $20.00 yet, please do so at the meeting or mail it in.  If you have changed your email address since last year please let me know.  I will be sending out the new directory by email this month.  If you need a hard copy you can print it out.

I am bringing some painting magazines in tomorrow which are to be sold for $2.00 each.  All proceeds will go to the club.  Sherry Mize donated them to us to be used as a fund raiser.  I would normally put them online for $3.00 each but when I considered the time and effort listing them I was hoping the members would help out and purchase them.  Most are in mint condition, Sherry probably only read them once!

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We are completing our Christmas in July this month.  I am teaching a cute Santa.  Sandy is teaching a candle on a sled.  Just bring your regular painting supplies and for my project it would be helpful if you have a rake or comb brush to do the beard.

See you on Saturday.

Friday, May 20, 2016

June Meeting-Paint In

We have great fun the past few months painting an old fishing boat, jewelry with Debbie and scrapbooking/painting with Crystal.  During the summer months we will be painting ornaments. 

This is Sandy's finished piece from Crystal's cute!!

This was a fun painting with Karen Taul.  I couldn't get the pictures to load but will keep trying.   I think everyone's boat turned out beautiful. 

Sue has been very busy getting ready for her son's wedding in July.  For the Bridal Shower she gave each of the bridesmaids and flower girl their own rose painted hanger for their dress.  She made one in white satin with satin roses and lace for the bride.  She attached the following personalized dimensional cards to the hangers.  The picture does not do them justice.  Sue is so talented.

Christmas In July..

We will start our Christmas in July in June this year and will continue through August.  Come prepared to purchase the little supply/surface kits which normally range not more than $3.00.  The teachers will supply the paint.  You might want to add a hair dryer and a glue gun to your painting bag, these ornaments are always so much fun to do and you never know when we will need our special tools.  I will add pictures as I get them so you will know what we will be doing.

For the next three months, please look through your painting stash and bring something in for our raffle.  Don't forget your name tag or we will collect the $.25 fee.

A reminder:  We have sent in the deposit for a seminar with Beth Wagner next year.  Please remember the rules for seminar.  If unsure, they are printed in the directory.  Here are a few photos from her website you might be interested in:

Did you know???
Not only do we have our annual ornament paint in but we also will celebrate our
40th Birthday
as a painting club?