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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Christmas in July ---and August

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Christmas in July -- can you believe it.  Time keeps marching on.  I will be teaching a couple of ornaments this weekend.  Not sure what since I am waiting til the last minute to do anything.  I have had company for the past week or so and hated to bring out my painting supplies with little ones running around.  If I get something painted up I will post it.  Just bring your regular painting supplies and I will provide the rest.  Don't forget to bring your lunch.

Last month we painted a snowman and used white pearl paint.  Everyones snowman came out so pretty.  It was a small class but we had fun.

Although we rarely celebrate it, this year will mark our 42nd birthday.  We started with a small group and grew to over 100 members.  Then we started shrinking.  From what I understand, it is not an unusual occurance in the SDP, many chapters are down to just a few members now.  It's sad that the interest in painting has dropped so drastically.  I hope we continue to meet even as a group of painting friends long after we are no longer a chapter.

Now I'm sad so I guess I will go paint, it always makes me feel better.


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